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AROMEDY was conceptualized from the vision that herbal-based product coupled with aromatherapy would greatly enhance modern living.  The increasing awareness on Malaysia's natural remedy and healthy lifestyle led to what AROMEDY is today and is AROMEDY's main philosophy.  With aromatherapy plant-based and water-based products consisting of 2 types of massage cream and 6 types of flora water (with menthol), AROMEDY is the right choice in every modern household.  Refresh skin with menthol and calm your mind using AROMEDY.


Made with garden spurge extract, other herbs and menthol, our AROMEDY Garden Spurge massage body cream is the choice to relax the muscles with menthol sensation, without the sticky feelings. Garden Spurge contains anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anti-microbial ingredients (Prof Dr Ali Esmail As-Shafi, University Thi-Qar). It does contain 2-amino-3-sulfanylpropanoic acid which can inhibit the production of uric acid (Igwe, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture).

Contain Garden Spurge Extracts

Cool Menthol Sensation


AROMEDY Garden Spurge Refreshing Flora Water-Based Aromatherapy

This modern roll-on water-based aromatherapy solution provides refreshing cool menthol sensation and calming scents. Use AROMEDY Garden Spurge Flora Water as a substitute to medicated oil or 'minyak angin' to stay active and elegant. Provide relief to your ailment without the smell of traditional medicated oil and oily feelings.

Aromedy Refreshing Flora Water-Based Berries



Seven Citrus


Seven Flowers

Aromedy Refreshing Flora Water-Based Seven Roses

Seven Roses

Aromedy Refreshing Flora Water-Based Sweet Nature

Sweet Nature

Aromedy Refreshing Flora Water-Based Basic


"I love the cool menthol sensation on my skin! And the smell is heaven!"

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