61st Malaysia Independence Day 2018

On 31st August 2018, Malaysia celebrates its 61st Independence Day.  What makes it special is this is the first time Malaysia celebrates the independence day with a new government – Pakatan Harapan (PH).

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Sayangi Malaysiaku

Independence Day means liberation day.  It is also known as ‘Hari Merdeka’.  Tanah Melayu (literally translated to ‘The Malay Land”) was liberated from the British Empire on 31st August 1957.  It was the highlight of the relentless efforts by our forefathers to ensure that  Tanah Melayu remains in our hands for generations to come.   Tanah Melayu is Malaysia’s former name.

To show our love to Malaysia, Malaysians are encouraged to wave the national flag known as Jalur Gemilang at home, office and public areas.

There are unique themes for Malaysia Independence Day each year.

Each theme and logo is created by lecturers and students from Institut Teknologi MARA Shah Alam or known as UiTM.

Each theme has their own unique symbols and meaning.

This year, the Theme for Malaysia Independence Day 2018 is Sayangi Malaysiaku.

61st Malaysia Independence Day 2018 logo created by Nik Zulkifli Nik Hitam.

Symbol ‘Sayangi Malaysiaku’ is the symbol of people who make the movement of joy with a heart shape in front to unite them.

It has the meaning of multiracial Malaysians living in harmony, equality, unity and affection to the nation.

Sam Bunkface’s song, “Kita Punya Malaysia” is selected as the official song for the Malaysia Independence Day 2018.

For information, the theme of the 2017 Independence Day is ‘Negaraku Sehati Sejiwa’.

Hari Merdeka 2018 Celebration

According to The Star, the 2018 Merdeka Day celebration will be celebrated in Putrajaya as requested by the 7th Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammed.

Therefore, there will be a flight reschedule on that day since Putrajaya airspace is shared with KLIA and KLIA 2.

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