Benefit Of Flowers That You Should Know

Flowers is generally known as a symbol of love. Each flower has different color, shape and scent. Thus, it has different meaning and benefits.

Flowers also signify health and happiness. Studies showed that flowers can improve patient’s health even faster compared those patient without flowers at their bedside. Thus, these are the benefit of flowers that you should know.

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These flowers can be used in cosmetic and aromatherapy to deliver the benefit to our body. On top of that, there are flowers that can be consumed using tea or medicinally with doctor’s advice.

  • Lavender: Promotes a feeling of relaxation. Lavender water can act as a skin wash to treat acne
  • Rose: High in Vitamin C, anti-inflammatory properties, treats coughs and colds
  • Chamomile: Soothes anxiety and headaches, aids sleep and digestion, and helps relieve stomach cramps and indigestion
  • Evening primrose: May help relieve depression and balance hormones
  • Chrysanthemum: Treats dry eyes, fevers and headaches; used to aid digestive, circulatory and nervous system issues in Western medicine
  • Lotus: Treats bleeding disorders, irritability and fevers

Consult doctor before consuming those flower to avoid over dosage which eventually damage your body.

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