Euphorbia Hirta and Herbal Medicine

Euphorbia Hirta used in Herbal Medicine

Euphorbia Hirta and Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine such Euphorbia Hirta in AROMEDY Massage Cream is the oldest form of medicine known to mankind. Recent development shows that herbal medicine is gaining popularity worldwide with the demand of natural remedy on the rise.

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Euphorbia Hirta is a herbal plant used traditionally in Asia, the Indian and African continents as a relief or cure to many ailments such as gout, wounds, sores, and colds.

According to Prof Dr Ali Esmail Al-Snafi from Thi-Qar University, Euphorbia Hirta exerted antioxidant, antimicrobial, sedative anxiolytic, antiepileptic, antiinflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic, antihistaminic, antiasthmatic, antidiabetic, anticancer, wound healing, gastrointestinal, diuretic, antiparasitic, immunological, hepatoprotective, galactogenic, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibiting and anti-dipsogenic activities. Refer:

All these sum up to the plant being a miracle plant, if used correctly as in the case of AROMEDY line of products. Just the right amount is used in AROMEDY massage cream and AROMEDY flora water to give users the benefits of Euphorbia Hirta whilst relaxing in aromatherapy scents.

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