AROMEDY Refreshing Water-Based Aromatherapy Roll On

AROMEDY Refreshing Water-based Aromatherapy Roll On is the FIRST Malaysian aromatherapy product made from Garden spurge extract.  Its range consists of 5 types of natural aromatherapy scents, enriched with vitamin C and vitamin E, and menthol.

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Refreshing Aromatherapy Roll On Product Innovation

AROMEDY Refreshing Water-based Aromatherapy is a water-based product which has a similar function of medicated oil or ‘minyak angin.’ – An innovation for those who need a new era of medicated oil.



AROMEDY Refreshing Water-based Aromatherapy contains Garden spurge extract, ginger, aloe vera, eucalyptus, vitamin C and vitamin E.

Refreshing Menthol

It can be used to reduce headache, migraine, bloating, stomachache, and muscle soreness. The menthol sensation will give out a refreshing sensation to the body and freshen the mind.

It is a welcoming news to all executives and students with stylish lifestyle. AROMEDY can be used in air-conditioning rooms, without the worry of ‘minyak angin’ smell.  Stay focused and alert in style.

AROMEDY can also be used during driving to keep the driver alert and fresh without disturbing the passenger with unpleasant scent. What a relieve!!!

Natural Scents

It has natural scent that are suitable in offices, meetings, flights, hotels, homes and air-conditioning rooms.

There are 5 types of natural scent which are AROMEDY Aromatherapy Roll-On Berries, AROMEDY Aromatherapy Roll-On Seven Citrus, AROMEDY Aromatherapy Roll-On Seven Flowers, AROMEDY Aromatherapy Roll-On Seven Roses and AROMEDY Aromatherapy Roll-On Sweet Nature. All scents are soft and appealing to the users.

Want to try AROMEDY Refreshing Water-based Aromatherapy? You can get AROMEDY from our website. Now everybody can stay active and focus with AROMEDY. As simple as shake and roll.

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