Aromatherapy In Jaya Supermarket

Looking for aromatherapy in Jaya Supermarket?

AROMEDY flora water or modern ‘minyak angin’ is formulated using the combination of plant extracts, fresh menthol and selected aromatherapy fragrances.

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AROMEDY aromatherapy products have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers.

Get your AROMEDY products from our agent on First Floor, Jaya Supermarket.

Our AROMEDY aromatherapy in Jaya Supermarket operating hours are from 7 December 2018 until 9 December 2018.Aromaterapi di Jaya Supermarket_Aromatherapy in Jaya Supermarket_AROMEDY

They are AROMEDY Aromatherapy Roll On Berries, AROMEDY Aromatherapy Roll On Seven Citrus, AROMEDY Aromatherapy Roll On Seven Flowers, AROMEDY Aromatherapy Roll On Seven Roses and AROMEDY Aromatherapy Roll On Sweet Nature.

Get your AROMEDY Aromatherapy today!

Now, AROMEDY has new products:  AROMEDY Garden Spurge Cream Original and AROMEDY Garden Spurge Cream Scented for muscle soreness.

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