AROMEDY Garden Spurge Cream For Sprained Ankle Slow Recovery

AROMEDY Garden Spurge Cream can be used for sprained ankle with slow recovery time. Apply the cream to the affected area and massage gently. The cream is made up from the extract of Garden Spurge with menthol sensation to freshen the body.

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Testimony of Garden Spurge Cream

“Good morning sis. Did you have your breakfast already? I put your cream onto my ankle yesterday. I have suffered sprained ankle since the last three weeks. It is really painful. I went to the clinic twice . I cannot pray properly. Doctor claimed that I have torn muscle. But after I apply AROMEDY, my pain has lessen. I want to order one AROMEDY.”


Apply AROMEDY Original Garden Spurge Cream to sprained legs or ankle, and massage gently. Use the cream twice a day.  For those who love modern aroma and working in air-conditioning rooms, use AROMEDY Scented Garden Spurge Cream.

What is the difference between AROMEDY Original Garden Spurge Cream and AROMEDY Scented Garden Spurge Cream? Please click on the link for further information.

Garden Spurge contains anti-inflammatory ingredients which suitable for sore muscle and sprained legs.

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Besides massage cream, AROMEDY also has Garden Spurge Flora Water which is suitable for those with migraine, stress and headache. AROMEDY Flora Water…a modern innovation product. Read here.

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