5 Benefits Of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is part of natural remedies that has many benefits. Lavender extract can be used for skin, hair and mind. Here are the 5 benefits of lavender essential oil.

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Stress Relief

Lavender has a calm aroma and suitable for the mind. It has been used widely especially in aromatherapy to prevent over-thinking and clear the mind. You should have lavender oil or scent in your office.

Reduce Anxiety

If you develop anxiety during a meeting or presentation, you should have lavender aroma in your pocket to calm your anxiety.

Reduce Migraine

Migraine happened due to several reason. The cause of migraine or headache might come from stress, low blood pressure or weather. Lavender is suitable if you have headache.

Reduce Insomnia

Lavender has calm aroma that helps you fall asleep faster and get rid of insomnia. You will have a better sleep and rest. You will wake up feeling refreshed.  These are the benefits of Lavender Essential Oil.

You should eat these if you have insomnia.

Reduce Rashes

Lavender has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce rashes on the skin and speed up healing process.

Are you excited? Let’s give aromatherapy lavender a try. You might feel the difference.

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